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Safe workplace is the right of every worker. Workers associated with machines (from its servicing to repairing to maintenance) are directly associated with risks hazards. These hazards can be prevented by proper implementation of Lockout/Tagout system. Lotomanager App based software helps in implementing procedures and manages resources in an effective way, eliminating the human error with increased information availability for each equipment and isolation points.

Lotomanager Outlook

Experience flexibility & ease of use of the LOTOMANAGER Lockout / Tagout software Application. It provides an essential platform for managing equipment specific LOTO procedures including detailed energy source, shutdown and return to service guidance. Effectively manage and sustain your LOTO programs. Create your unique procedures for Lockout/Tagout and maintenance programs.Use it anywhere on your phone or tablet and view the LOTO procedures wherever you are.


Lotomanger Application


Web-based Solution

Internet based secure application, runs at single or multiple locations

Email Alerts and Notifications

Set email alerts and notifications to yourself and other responsible employees

User-friendly Interface

User friendly interface to operate, optimize data entry, quick access on LOTO programs


Limited access rights to users/employees as required

History of System Data

Stores data history for future internal and external audits

Support of Multi language

English, Spanish ,French, Arabic, Russian , German, Turkish , Portugese , Polish , Italian

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